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 Subject: Greetings from Hong Kong.. May 01 2011 
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Hi folks - I just joined Heels & Deals. I'm Kay Ross, an Australian marketing consultant, editor and copywriter based in Hong Kong (I've been here for 17.5 years). I'm looking forward to helping Claire and Georgie to build the Hong Kong chapter of Heels & Deals. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about doing business in Hong Kong.

 Subject: Re:Greetings from Hong Kong.. May 05 2011 
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Thanks so much for saying hello to the Heels & Deals ladies! You're certainly proving to be our Hong Kong expert! Your help is greatly appreciated. Claire
 Subject: Re:Greetings from Hong Kong.. May 07 2011 
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Welcome to H&D. Looking forward to more great articles from you. Best wishes, Eileen Bucknall

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